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Omaha Storm Help

by | Jul 20, 2021 | News

The big storm that hit Omaha in the early hours on July 10, 2021 will be one to remember. 

Did you lose electricity? Or trees or big tree limbs? While ten days later the lights are back on in most households, the branch and tree cleanup continues. 

If you are having trouble dealing with the storm fallout, there is help available. 

Team Rubicon will be in town until July 24 to help vulnerable citizens get downed tree debris to the street for collection.  They are military veterans who volunteer to help around the country in disasters.  Disabled and elderly persons who need help can call the United Way of the Midlands 211 Helpline between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to sign up for assistance at 402-444-6666. 

Heartland Hope Mission is working with other local organizations to replenish food supplies that were thrown out of refrigerators and freezers. 

Some people have had trouble hooking back up to electrical service because of needed repairs that are not on the power companies’ side of the connection.  Senator Machaela Cavanaugh recently tweeted about a program to help in this situation: In need of financial assistance for electrical repairs made to the exterior of the home, up to the meter panel, OPPD’s Project Safe Neighbor provides assistance up to $800. To apply contact Family Housing Advisory Services (FHAS) at 402-618-5217, Sharenam@fhasinc.org.