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Why You Should Pick Up The Phone: Attorneys Are on Your Side

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Legal, Workers' Compensation

One of the biggest mistakes an injured worker can make is to delay.  They may delay notifying their employer about their injury, seeking medical treatment, or they delay speaking to an attorney about their claim.

Giving prompt notice to your employer is a crucial component of your claim.   We often receive phone calls from injured workers after a claim has been denied for failure to report the injury, or for other reasons.

Sometimes we receive calls from injured workers who are unhappy with their treatment plan, or who have been released from care before they feel fully recovered.

We even receive calls from workers whose claims have been settled for an amount they feel is unfair. Sometimes when we receive these calls, it is too late. For many claims, you need to speak with an attorney sooner rather than later to ensure that your rights are protected.

Why do injured workers hesitate to pick up the phone and call an attorney to make sure they are compensated fairly for their work accident? 

One primary reason is a fear of retribution by the employer.  Many workers have a concern that they will be punished for filing a work accident claim, or they feel that they will be breaching some sort of loyalty to their employer.

It’s important to remember that it is your legal right to file for workers’ compensation benefits.  In many cases, we see injured workers who believe that the pain will go away, only to reach a point where the injury is worse than originally  thought, and they have lost their opportunity to file a claim.

In Nebraska, workers’ compensation claims are usually paid by the insurance policy that your company maintains in the event of a work accident.  Similar to insurance you have on your vehicle.   These policies are put in place specifically to compensate injured employees when an incident occurs.  These funds are in place so injured workers can receive benefits.

Sometimes clients are concerned about providing personal information to their attorneys.  Please know that information you provide to us is confidential and subject to attorney-client privilege.  Our entire staff is dedicated to working with you throughout your workers’ comp claim process to ensure that you are adequately represented and properly compensated for your injury.

At Putnam Law Offices, we are here to help you.  Don’t delay; get the legal help you need.  Call our office today to learn how we can help you with your Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Case.