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Common Workplace Injuries

Head Injuries

Injuries to the head and brain may result in lifelong medical treatment and limit the ability to work. Unfortunately many of the symptoms are difficult to diagnose and treat. Insurance companies will frequently deny ongoing care which can result in worsening of symptoms. If you have suffered a head injury you should call our office to discuss your rights under Nebraska law.

Back and Neck Injuries

Each year thousands of Nebraskans suffer neck and back injuries. Whether from a traumatic event such as a fall or motor vehicle collision, or other physical injuries such as lifting a heavy object, these injuries may result in permanent problems. Many injured workers will face difficulties obtaining approval for reasonable medical treatment. Delays in treatment make it difficult for workers to recover from injuries.

Our office works to protect the injured workers’ right to proper medical treatment. Whether it be an MRI for diagnostic purposes or surgery to repair a damaged cervical or lumbar disc, you should call our office to determine your rights under Nebraska law.

If an injury is permanent, injured workers are entitled to permanent partial disability benefits. Under Nebraska law, this benefit is determined by one’s loss of earning capacity. There is no obligation to call our office and discuss how this system works.

Arm and Shoulder Injuries

Knee and Leg Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Exposure to Toxic Substances / Occupational Illness

This may include exposure to hazardous chemicals or mold.