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Winter Weather Accidents in Nebraska

Work Accidents and Car Accidents from Ice and Inclement Weather Here in Nebraska, the winter season packs a wallop of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. With these weather-related hazards, there can often be an increased risk of slip and fall and auto accidents. Sometimes, these accidents are work-related, giving rise to a Nebraska Workers’ Compensation […]

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Insurance Companies and Facebook, They’re Watching You…

A few months ago I spoke to Bridget, a part time college student and full time certified nursing assistant. While helping move a patient at work, Bridget suffered a low back spinal disc injury.  She immediately reported the work injury to her supervisor and sought medical treatment with her family doctor.   The insurance company […]

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Independent Contractor or Employee. Who Do You Think You Are?

We’ve heard this story quite a bit lately.  Worker suffers an on the job injury and the employer claims the worker is an independent contractor.  Its a growing trend in many industries.  And the reason is simple. Companies can save loads of money by labeling workers as independent contractors. They don’t pay the employer share […]

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