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State of Nebraska Legislative Session 2017: The Good News and the Bad News for Workers’ Compensation

Several bills are under consideration at the 105th Nebraska Unicameral Legislature that, if passed, will impact Nebraska workers’ compensation claims.  Two bills are particularly advantageous to injured workers: LB 147 and LB 181.   LB 147, introduced by Senator Matt Hansen, would require a thirty day notice to an employee receiving disability payments if those […]

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The Healthcare Profession – Hazardous to your Health?

What do you think is the most dangerous non-lethal job in the United States? Construction? Manufacturing? Actually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare careers (such as nurses, nurse’s aides, and orderlies) number among the most hazardous of professions.   Perhaps one of the reasons for this disturbing statistic is the number of ways a […]

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