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Injured at Work? Go See Your Family Doctor

by | Oct 12, 2011 | Uncategorized

Sounds simple enough, but too many times we talk to injured employees about worker compensation claims and we find out the employer/insurance company picked the doctor to provide medical treatment.   Sometimes we even hear that a supervisor, insurance adjuster or nurse case manager demanded that the employee see a company doctor.

There is a reason why they do this.  Companies and the insurance industry have scouting reports on physicians in your area and frequently steer injured employees to certain doctors.   Our experience is that these doctors generally are more conservative in their approach to treatment and when determining any permanent injuries.  The saves the insurance company/employer money at YOUR expense.

In Nebraska, this is not the law. In fact, the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court created a form to help injured employees understand choice of physician laws.   Your employer should give you a copy of this Under section B, always choose your family physician.  Never waive this right.  If your employer or insurance adjuster refuses to give you this form or demands that you see your doctor – call or email us right away.

Bottom line, who do you want making medical decisions for you – your open family physician.  It really is your choice.