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Intersecting with Danger

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Legal, News

Driving around Omaha, or any big city, can be dangerous.  

According to QuoteWizard, an online service that compares auto insurance quotes, Omaha has the worst drivers in America in 2021. QuoteWizard collected data about accidents, speeding tickets, citations (such as running a red light), and DUIs (we were No. 1 in this category) to name Omaha with this dubious distinction.

Are we really that bad? If so, it might be a good idea to know where most accidents happen.  While Omaha is laid out in a grid system that is easy to navigate, we do have some interesting intersections. 

An artist, Peter Gorman, sells a poster of some of Omaha’s more infamous intersections on an Etsy site called BarelyMaps

I’m sure Omaha residents will see many favorites here.  Industrial, 132nd, L and Millard, pictured on the bottom left, was designated in 2013 as the worst intersection in the country by Streetsblog.org.  Dodge, Farnum, Happy Hollow and 57th, top right, is a personal favorite. And the “peanut”, lower right corner, a roundabout with – count them – seven entry points – is a wonder you must drive to appreciate.  

Oddly, none of the intersections pictured is the most dangerous. 

According to reporting in the Omaha World Herald, the most dangerous is 72nd and Dodge, followed by 90th and Dodge – which is also the busiest intersection in Omaha. 

Busiest Intersections
Most Dangerous Intersections
190th and Dodge 2018 vehicles per day: 106,900   72nd and Dodge Streets 52 crashes
2120th and L 2018 vehicles per day: 84,750   90th Street and West Dodge Road
3132nd and L/Industrial Road 2018 vehicles per day: 84,250   72nd and Maple Streets
472nd and Dodge 2018 vehicles per day: 75,850   (Tie). 102nd Street and West Maple Road 4 (Tie). 108th Street and West Maple Road 4 (Tie). 84th and L Streets (tie, 37 each)
572nd and Pacific 2018 vehicles per day: 72,300   
6144th and Industrial Road 2018 vehicles per day: 69,150   
778th and Dodge 2018 vehicles per day: 66,200   60th and Center Streets
886th Street/Cass Street and Dodge 2018 vehicles per day: 65,900   120th Street and West Center Road
9108th and Maple 2018 vehicles per day: 65,100   108th and M Streets
1072nd and Grover 2018 vehicles per day: 64,000 29th and Farnam Streets

It is a good idea to be hyper vigilant at these intersections.  Look twice before you pull out from an intersection!    

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