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Car Accident – Medical Bills, Adjusters and Insurance

If you are injured in an automobile accident, medical bills can be financially devastating – even for those with health insurance. Billing for even simple minor medical treatment can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Co-pays and deductibles strain budgets. Sometimes this is coupled with wage loss at the same time.  Outstanding medical bills can ruin credit ratings and cause undue stress on you and your family.  A back injury requiring surgery can easily top $100,000! If you an uninsured, even getting medical treatment for injuries can be difficult.

With the above in mind, it is very important to understand and protect your legal rights should you suffer injury as a result of the negligence of another.

Insurance companies representing the defendant will not pay for medical bills while you are treating. THESE BILLS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY UNTIL YOU PROVE THAT ANOTHER PARTY IS AT FAULT. Today, more than ever, insurance companies are fighting injury claims because of these skyrocketing medical costs. The initial management of bills can be extremely frustrating following an accident. Health insurance or other providers may deny payment or delay approval of treatment. Even more troubling, a recent trend is medical providers suing their own patients for outstanding medical bills.

If your health insurance or automobile insurance company pays any medical bills on your behalf, those parties will undoubtedly ask for repayment. This is also known as subrogation. However in some cases, you are not required to repay the insurance company. Without speaking to an injury attorney, you may be erroneously repaying money back to the insurance company. Call Putnam Law and we will help coordinate proper payments and determine the best approach in your particular case. You may have multiple options for insurance benefits. You should always call an injury attorney to discuss how best to handle your bills. The difference can result in thousands of dollars in savings. Putnam Law has the experience and the team to manage your medical billing.

One final reminder… insurance companies frequently pressure an injured party to sign a medical authorization before discussing your claim. Never sign a medical authorization without speaking to a personal injury attorney.

Most insurance company authorizations are overbroad and allow the release of information to others – without your knowledge. There is no requirement that you sign a release for the insurance company representing the at-fault driver.