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Should I Report My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In a word, yes.

While we see many clients who struggle with the decision about whether or not to file a workers’ compensation claim, we believe that the answer is almost always yes, and not just because our practice is focused on workers’ compensation claims.

We believe that whenever you are injured on the job, even if the injury seems minor, it is worth it to file a claim in order to protect your rights.

Injuries don’t always stay static. Medical conditions develop and symptoms worsen. When you’re injured at work, it might seem like brushing it off, going home, and not reporting your claim is a good idea. But in the time that you are hoping your injury goes away on its own, you are losing the opportunity to build medical evidence of your claim, treat your injury before it worsens, and file your workers’ compensation claim within the legal time limits.

If you’re still wondering whether you should report your workers’ compensation claim, call our office. We can help you review your options and we will give you our legal opinion as to the best course of action in your circumstances.

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