What type of information should I gather for my workers’ compensation claim?

The type of information you need for your workers’ compensation claim may vary depending on the circumstances of your injury.  However, there are several vital pieces of information that you should collect in any workers’ compensation case, and they are:

Medical Information

Information about the doctors you were treated by, the dates you were seen by medical professions and the hospitals or offices you went to are crucial information that your attorney will need so that they can request and review your medical records.  Bring copies of any medical bills you have received.

Injury Information

Any incident report, write-up, or other documentation of the accident that caused your injury should be saved and brought to your initial appointment with your attorney.  Gather the names of any witnesses (if any) of the injury.

Wage and Employment Information

Your attorney will need detailed information about your earnings and employment, including your dates of employment, amount earned, and the name of the company you work for.  To start, bringing in a pay stub can be helpful and your attorney will be able to tell you what other records they will need.

Insurance Information if Applicable

If you have received any correspondence with the workers’ compensation insurance company, you should bring this to your attorney.  We generally recommend that you not respond to the insurance company until you have met with a lawyer.

If you have any questions about what documentation you should gather for your workers’ compensation claim, call our office today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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