How much does a workers’ compensation attorney charge?

When you are thinking about filing a workers’ compensation claim, one of the good things about this area of law is that you do not have to pay an attorney’s fee unless they are successful in getting your work injury benefits or a settlement.

Our office generally charges a 33% attorney fee of the amount recovered for permanent partial/total disability benefits or a settlement. Many times our office will not charge an attorney fee if you are already receiving temporary total disability payments.

Frequently injured workers’ will not call a work accident attorney because the worker does not want to pay an attorney fee. Do not fall into this trap and rely upon the insurance company to determine your proper benefits.

In some situations, such as ones where you are already receiving benefits and need an appeal, there may be different ways to calculate what benefits will be included in the attorney’s fee calculation, but any Omaha workers’ compensation attorney can explain their fee schedule to you in more detail based on the facts of your claim.

Please note that our office does not charge an attorney fee for an initial consultation.

More often than not, we are there simply to answer a question or two – whether it be determining proper benefits or providing initial advice on how to handle the claim. It really doesn’t hurt to ask. Call our office anytime for a free consultation.

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