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The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act allows injured employees the ability to recover benefits from their employer to compensate them for their injury.  In order to file a workers’ compensation claim, the injured employee must show that their accident happened in the course of their employment, that they are injured, and that the injury was not the result of their own willful negligence.  Whether you are totally disabled or partially disabled, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Types of Injuries from Manufacturing Accidents in Nebraska

One of the most dangerous types of occupations in Nebraska is manufacturing.  Employees who work in this industry are often exposed to risk of mechanical failure, stress injuries, chemical and biological agents, and catastrophic injuries.  The scenarios that can cause injury in manufacturing are infinite, but most Omaha manufacturing accidents fit into one of several categories:

  • Catastrophic injuries: A catastrophic accident in a manufacturing plant can cause severe injuries and even death.  Equipment failure can lead to head injuries, lacerations, crushed hands and feet, and other trauma.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Even without a catastrophic accident, a worker can suffer a soft tissue injury, such as a muscle sprain, strain, or tear.  These injuries often happen as a result of falls, heavy lifting, or other incidents.
  • Stress injuries: These injuries occur when, in manufacturing, an employee has to make a repetitive motion that places stress on their body.  Even without an accident ever happening, the repetitive lifting, pushing, or pulling can result in injuries to the back, shoulder (often rotator cuff), knees, and other muscle groups.
  • Exposure and sensory injuries: One commonly-overlooked type of injury is an incident that causes a loss of sensory function.  Vision and hearing loss can be caused by accidents in the plant, as can loss of taste and smell as a result of chemical exposure.

How an Omaha Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you were injured in the course of your employment at a manufacturer, you need an experienced attorney to help you with your claim.  Attorney Jeffrey F. Putnam has helped many victims of industrial accidents in Nebraska with their claims for compensation.  Call today to learn more about Omaha manufacturing accident cases.

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Jeffrey F Putnam is a personal injury attorney and workers’ compensation attorney located in Omaha, Nebraska. If you have head, neck, or back injuries from your job or an auto accident, call today.

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