Permanent Injury to a Body Part

Permanent injury to a body part occurs when an employee loses the use of a body part due to amputation or permanent injury. 

The remedies for such a loss are specific and limited by Nebraska workers’ compensation laws. The benefit for loss of a body part is two-thirds of the employee’s average weekly wage multiplied by a set number of weeks (subject to maximum and minimum weekly benefits). 

For example:

Body PartNumber of weeks
Thumb60 weeks
Index finger35 weeks
Little finger16 weeks
Hand175 weeks
Arm225 weeks
Foot150 weeks
Leg215 weeks
Eye125 weeks

Compensation is determined by the loss of the use of the body member, not the loss of earning power. The permanent loss of two or more body parts is usually considered permanent total disability.

If you have suffered an injury that resulted in permanent loss of a body part, call Putnam Law to ensure your right to compensation. 

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