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Financial Assistance Resources for Injured Workers

A recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor titled “Does the Workers’ Compensation System Fulfill its Obligations to Injured Workers?” highlights the danger that a worker will fall into poverty following a workplace injury.  Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez is quoted in the report: A nation built on the dignity of work must […]

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Insurance Companies and Facebook, They’re Watching You…

A few months ago I spoke to Bridget, a part time college student and full time certified nursing assistant. While helping move a patient at work, Bridget suffered a low back spinal disc injury.  She immediately reported the work injury to her supervisor and sought medical treatment with her family doctor.   The insurance company […]

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Hot Coffee – The Truth about the McDonald’s Coffee Case and the Myth of “Tort Reform”

Everyone knows about the case. Woman spills coffee on herself and sues the McDonald’s for millions. McDonald’s and other corporations cry for help that juries are out of control. Good money is going to bad frivolous lawsuits. This case becomes the poster child for tort reform. The true story of this case is different altogether. […]

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Injured at Work? Go See Your Family Doctor

Sounds simple enough, but too many times we talk to injured employees about worker compensation claims and we find out the employer/insurance company picked the doctor to provide medical treatment.   Sometimes we even hear that a supervisor, insurance adjuster or nurse case manager demanded that the employee see a company doctor. There is a reason why they do […]

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