Permanent Partial Disability Compensation

If you suffer a permanent injury at work, you are entitled to benefits called “permanent partial disability payments” under Nebraska workers’ compensation law. Whether it’s a traumatic brain injury or a serious spinal injury, you must be able to prove that your injuries are permanent and the result of a workplace accident or condition. Payments are based upon the location of the injury (i.e hand, arm, leg, spine). Each location of injury pays at a different rate.

Also, please note that if you were not averaging 40 hours per week at the time of the injury, for permanency consideration, the calculations are based upon your hourly wage times 40 hours per week – not your hours actually worked.

As stated above, it is your responsibility and burden to show that you have suffered a permanent injury and that the injury is related to a work accident. This is usually accomplished through your treating doctor. That’s why it is important to treat with a doctor who will cooperate with the workers’ compensation process. Insurance companies will frequently send people to a “company doctor.” At the end of the treatment, those “company doctors” will often write reports that are employer friendly. This can result of the loss of benefits and medical treatment.


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